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Savings & Investments

Savings & Investments

Share (Savings) Account

Your share account works just like a regular passbook savings account but as an owner, you earn competitive dividends.

Share Certificate

A share certificate is a high-yield means of earning the maximum return on your deposit. Rates and terms vary, and our rates are competitive with other institutions, so check with the credit union for current information


A KCFFCU checking account is the alternative to costly bank checking. Free checking has a minimum balance of just $250 with a monthly service charge of only $3 if your balance falls below $250. Dividends are paid on the average daily balance of at least $250, and there are no per-check fees. Overdrawn funds are automatically deducted from your savings account free of charge so you never have to worry about bouncing a check again.

Reorder Checks

Christmas Club

A painless way to save for the holiday season. Your account receives dividends and your money is ready in plenty of time for Holiday spending.

Traditional and Roth IRA Accounts & Certificates

An IRA is an excellent way to save for your retirement years. Call today for current rate and terms.