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Claim Your Youth Teen Club Benefits

KC Fairfax Federal Credit Union and Claim Your Youth!

Claim Your Youth is a teen specific marketing program that is designed for young members aged 13-18. The program establishes and maintains a relationship with future adult members and helps them solidify their financial independence. Claim Your Youth is designed to answer common finance questions that hinder teens’ ability to take control of their finances, using topics and content that is relevant to them. Claim Your Youth helps teens work through one of the most challenging periods of financial literacy development and, in doing so, puts your credit union at the front of the line for their future business.

Claim Your Youth empowers young adult members to be in control of their financial future from the outset. It pushes them to a holistic understanding of the larger financial system and their place within it.

Click the Claim Your Youth logo to take advantage of additional the teen club benefits!

  • KC Fairfax Federal Credit Union will match the first deposit into your account up to $5.*
  • Only $25 in savings and $25 in checking to open checking account.*
  • The first 50 checks are free.*
  • $100 CD’s for teen accounts for rate periods of 12 months.
  • Co-Signed Auto Loans.

For information about opening a teen account and joining CU Succeed® teens and parents can contact the credit union at 913-647-9490.